Leitar uppi staði úr kvikmyndum og þáttum

Thomas Duke leitar uppi fræga staði úr kvikmyndum og þáttum.
Thomas Duke leitar uppi fræga staði úr kvikmyndum og þáttum. skjáskot/Instagram

Hin 21 árs gamli Thomas Duke hefur eytt síðustu 5 árum í ferðalög. Á ferðalögum sínum leitar hann upp nákvæmar staðsetningar úr kvikmyndum og þáttum. 

Instagram-reikningur Duke er einstaklega vinsæll en hann er með um 160 þúsund fylgjendur. „Ég hef alltaf elskað að ferðast og líka kvikmyndir, svo mér fannst það frekar eðlilegt og mér fannst það skemmtileg hugmynd að reyna að finna staði úr uppáhalds kvikmyndunum mínum og þáttum,“ segir Duke í viðtali við The Sun. 

Duke þarf að leggja nokkra rannsóknarvinnu á sig til að finna nákvæma staði en hann notar samfélagsmiðla, fréttir og Google Maps við leitina. 

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“Can you introduce me as Joker?” • 2 Jokers dancing in the spotlight. Joaquin Phoenix took home the Oscar for Best Actor last night – it’s been 11 years since Heath Ledger was also crowned with this achievement for the same role. Ledger was awarded the Oscar posthumously in 2009, so this turn of events couldn’t feel more just; Phoenix has brought this journey full circle by picking up the award that Ledger so rightfully deserved to pick up himself 11 years ago. 2 Jokers standing tall, side-by-side. • I visited the ‘Joker steps’ in July of last year. I was so excited to see them for real! I only had one shot to go with though as only one short trailer had been released at that time. Now I’d love to go back with some more footage! What a triumph of a film. • • #joker #joaquinphoenix #heathledger #oscars #theacademy #batman #journey #inspiration #film #toddphillips #photography #awards #hollywood

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“Always.” 💔 • It’s been 4 years since Alan Rickman passed away. I still can’t believe such a great man is no longer with us. His filmography is flooded with creative characters, classic stories, and iconic accents from all over the world, all of which have touched every single one of us to our core. From the dastardly rich and wanted in Die Hard, the lovesick lover in love Actually, and the misunderstood professor in Harry Potter. Severus Snape is undoubtedly the character he is most known for and it’s clear why. As Harry Potter said to his son, ‘he was the bravest man I have ever known.’ As they all did for Dumbledore, we hold up our magic wands in honour of his memory forever and always 🎬💙 • I took this photo when I was last at the @wbtourlondon. I wanted to capture something from this penultimate scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. The revelation that Snape wasn’t all that bad… this took place in Dumbledore’s office after Snape is murdered by lord Voldemort; this is the set they used. Harry looks upon the memories of Snape and uncovers the truth. Always an amazing experience here at Warner Bros, thanks to the wonderful team for their help. • • #alanrickman #ripalanrickman #harrypotter #diehard #loveactually #robinhood #severussnape #life #love #hope #wbstudiotour #london #film #photography

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“I’m gonna have to go into the map!” • Friends aired on @nbc 25 years ago today! What’s your favourite episode? I can’t believe it’s been that long since they took their first bow. Most of the series was filmed on a set in Burbank, California but luckily for London they filmed a couple of episodes here during its run. This is from the 23rd episode in Season 4: The One with Ross’s Wedding. Not a lot has actually changed here at the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square in terms of the structures and buildings which was so good for these pictures! Of course the entrance to the hotel has been modified a great deal though - thank you to the lovely members of staff out the front who allowed me to take some pictures. • Thank you Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Monica for 25 years worth of laughs and showing us the best group of @friends around 🎬📸 • • #friends #friends25 #anniversary #london #newyork #jenniferaniston #davidschwimmer #matthewperry #mattleblanc #lisakudrow #joeytribbiani #chandlerbing #photography #visitlondon #netflixus

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